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The Bad Reviewer

Now this is something that really irritates me, If they’ve got a problem with something why can’t they speak up whilst on the premises?!

We can change your food, drink, pudding, table I mean seriously the list is endless of things we can do to try help them out.

But what do they go and do instead, I hear you ask? They go and completely run down the business on the internet or social media.

These sorts of customers are an absolute ball ache to deal with, granted it’s very rare a bad review comes in but we give every opportunity for them to speak up. Then I have the suck up job of replying to this weakling, apologizing to them and well basically cuddling them till they stop crying.(basically sing soft kitty at that them for days)

All because guess what, they were annoyed with something but kept it to themselves.(speak up assholes)

I think we would all agree that if we have an issue with a service, we should give the company the chance to put it right before going hell for leather online and becoming the “Commanding Officer of the Keyboard Battalion 609”

Luckily the reviews I mostly have to deal with are very positive across the 2 restaurants and bed and breakfast, which makes my quite easy in this area. (Phew)

We’ve even had local competition write reviews online who didn’t even enter the building, how low can some people go?

This was more of a rant towards certain types of customers (The Keyboard Battalion 609)

I’m fully aware everybody needs feedback to progress and grow, learn from mistakes and ensure they don’t happen again, but please if you have an issue then ask to speak to the Manager. They are paid to look after you and will treat you with respect and listen (If they don’t then oppsy I’m sorry)


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