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Appreciating the Staff

The art of appreciatition is something that is a must if your going to get your team on side, in a restaurant we have a lot of younger members of staff who can be either be in a hell of a mood for 3 days, or deliver everything you want them to.

This is something that if you can’t do, well you’re not made for the business world, appreciation goes a hell of a long way into motivating staff members and the morale of the whole team.

We’re currently planning a Halloween Fancy Dress Party all paid for to add abit of spice and laughter into our work place, by doing things like this also shows you care about your staff members.

Never underestimate the powers of the the words PLEASE and THANK YOU. Staff members will quickly pick up that you’re a miserable tw*t and begin turned away from you! (Trouble ahead)

I greatly appreciate how the owner talks, acts, responds and his body language towards me and by so motivates me to do a better job!

We’ve had people literally walk out of work due to unnamed individuals not appreciating the work they do.

If you do one thing today say THANK YOU to somebody who maybe you wouldn’t think off before, if that annoying staff member passes you a pen If you ask for it then just say!!!!

Oh and smiling to your staff goes even further so guess what, SMILE! 😁


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