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The Christmas Party Preperation

It’s that time of year where those Christmas Party bookings start flooding in, and we have got to be prepared to make the most of it. Wether it’s a party of 8 or a party of 60 it has got to be perfect, from the starters straight through to those mince pies!

It’s not as easy as just picking the favourites for your menu, it has to have a stand out and differ from those around you. One of my favourites is a “pigs wrapped in a chorizo blanket with a honey glaze sauce”, this went down an absolute treat last year.

Of course you’ll always see the typical turkey, pate and Christmas pudding on the menu but, be adventurous and try something on the menu that’s abit different to show appreciation to the chefs for the thought that has been put into the menu.

The menu can take around 1 month to put together as we have to ensure we can source all ingredients needed, and those different types of ice creams (we’ve got a cinnamon ice cream this year!) But it is all worth it, these Chirstmas party’s are so much fun.

From the laying up of the table, ensuring each person has a cracker, Christmas napkin to applying just the right amount of icing sugar over the mince pies.

We’ve uploaded our menus to our social media accounts and websites and had a great response, it’s always a great feeling when you put so much work into something and the reaction is positive.

The next thing we have to sort out is who and when the Christmas decorations are going to put up, as let’s be honest you can’t have a Christmas Party without a Christmas tree up now can you!

Our first booking is planned in for midway through November but I’m sure that will change to earlier on in the month as we draw closer.

Bring on those Christmas Party’s!!


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