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The Buffet – Easy Service

Last night we had 128 people through our front door and it well bloody brilliant, we had quite a few larger party’s in that had pre-ordered so this made life a hell of a lot easier (phew!!)

The evening kicked off with a party of 11 and a few tables of 3 and 4, it worked out perfectly as the 11 arrived earlier than planned so we smashed that out without evening blinking, personally I believe a quick start gets people settled and sets the tone and pace for the evening.

Drinks were flowing across all party’s especially our newly added Gin board which features 8 of the best and most popular Gins we can get a hold of, also a few local ones which go down a treat.

We had a surprise 60th Birthday buffet which was booked in for 7:00, guests started arriving and all was still going to plan! (Being front of house this is a rarity, as we normally have to wait for the kitchen to get into gear)

The 60th Birthday celebrator arrived and she was over the moon, all of her family had made the journey and she was quite overwhelmed.

This next bit was where things started getting quite tasty, we had an influx of orders after the Buffet due to a few tables arriving late which had a knock on effect. But what do you do on a busy Saturday evening? YOU JUST DEAL WITH IT.

The evening finished off with a party of 14 which were abit late but this did help us out, they had pre-ordered and were having starters so this one was a breeze.

All in all a very good Saturday evening service, lots of happy customers and lots of tiresome legs!

Great work team!!!

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The Christmas Party Preperation

It’s that time of year where those Christmas Party bookings start flooding in, and we have got to be prepared to make the most of it. Wether it’s a party of 8 or a party of 60 it has got to be perfect, from the starters straight through to those mince pies!

It’s not as easy as just picking the favourites for your menu, it has to have a stand out and differ from those around you. One of my favourites is a “pigs wrapped in a chorizo blanket with a honey glaze sauce”, this went down an absolute treat last year.

Of course you’ll always see the typical turkey, pate and Christmas pudding on the menu but, be adventurous and try something on the menu that’s abit different to show appreciation to the chefs for the thought that has been put into the menu.

The menu can take around 1 month to put together as we have to ensure we can source all ingredients needed, and those different types of ice creams (we’ve got a cinnamon ice cream this year!) But it is all worth it, these Chirstmas party’s are so much fun.

From the laying up of the table, ensuring each person has a cracker, Christmas napkin to applying just the right amount of icing sugar over the mince pies.

We’ve uploaded our menus to our social media accounts and websites and had a great response, it’s always a great feeling when you put so much work into something and the reaction is positive.

The next thing we have to sort out is who and when the Christmas decorations are going to put up, as let’s be honest you can’t have a Christmas Party without a Christmas tree up now can you!

Our first booking is planned in for midway through November but I’m sure that will change to earlier on in the month as we draw closer.

Bring on those Christmas Party’s!!

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Appreciating the Staff

The art of appreciatition is something that is a must if your going to get your team on side, in a restaurant we have a lot of younger members of staff who can be either be in a hell of a mood for 3 days, or deliver everything you want them to.

This is something that if you can’t do, well you’re not made for the business world, appreciation goes a hell of a long way into motivating staff members and the morale of the whole team.

We’re currently planning a Halloween Fancy Dress Party all paid for to add abit of spice and laughter into our work place, by doing things like this also shows you care about your staff members.

Never underestimate the powers of the the words PLEASE and THANK YOU. Staff members will quickly pick up that you’re a miserable tw*t and begin turned away from you! (Trouble ahead)

I greatly appreciate how the owner talks, acts, responds and his body language towards me and by so motivates me to do a better job!

We’ve had people literally walk out of work due to unnamed individuals not appreciating the work they do.

If you do one thing today say THANK YOU to somebody who maybe you wouldn’t think off before, if that annoying staff member passes you a pen If you ask for it then just say!!!!

Oh and smiling to your staff goes even further so guess what, SMILE! 😁

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The Bad Reviewer

Now this is something that really irritates me, If they’ve got a problem with something why can’t they speak up whilst on the premises?!

We can change your food, drink, pudding, table I mean seriously the list is endless of things we can do to try help them out.

But what do they go and do instead, I hear you ask? They go and completely run down the business on the internet or social media.

These sorts of customers are an absolute ball ache to deal with, granted it’s very rare a bad review comes in but we give every opportunity for them to speak up. Then I have the suck up job of replying to this weakling, apologizing to them and well basically cuddling them till they stop crying.(basically sing soft kitty at that them for days)

All because guess what, they were annoyed with something but kept it to themselves.(speak up assholes)

I think we would all agree that if we have an issue with a service, we should give the company the chance to put it right before going hell for leather online and becoming the “Commanding Officer of the Keyboard Battalion 609”

Luckily the reviews I mostly have to deal with are very positive across the 2 restaurants and bed and breakfast, which makes my quite easy in this area. (Phew)

We’ve even had local competition write reviews online who didn’t even enter the building, how low can some people go?

This was more of a rant towards certain types of customers (The Keyboard Battalion 609)

I’m fully aware everybody needs feedback to progress and grow, learn from mistakes and ensure they don’t happen again, but please if you have an issue then ask to speak to the Manager. They are paid to look after you and will treat you with respect and listen (If they don’t then oppsy I’m sorry)

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Behind The Scenes at a Restaurant

Now this is the part I really have a passion for, as let’s be honest what’s the point in delivering spot on service or amazing food if you’re not making it worthwhile?!

I’m currently in the process of cross-referencing 6 different supplier price quotations for 160 different products that we use, for those of you that aren’t business minded that’s finding the cheapest price for the exact same product!

(I know it sounds boring to you but to me, I absolutely love it!)

This sort of thing takes pages of excel sheets (yawn again for you) but the end results are so worth it, I want to make it clear this isn’t my money I’m saving as I’m not the owner, but if I’m paid to do the job…then I will bloody well do that job to the best of my ability!

Doing these sort of things could actually make or break a company in my opinion, if you’re buying in products for as cheap as possible (without compromising quality of course) then you are set up from the get go to be successful, but that’s where everybody else comes in!

Yes I’ve made a few (more than a few but shhh) mistakes with products that the chef was not happy with but I’ve also made some amazing finds with different products that are half the price but work x2 better. (Pat on the back for me)

It’s not all about the computer work though, behind the scenes it’s about the interaction with your staff members motivating, training and encouraging them to go forward and deliver. This can be EXTREMELY irritating at times as people turn up with a stink of a mood, but you have to find a way of turning that around.

This is just a small piece on behind the scenes but over the weeks I’ll go into more detail on everything that goes on, ensuring you wonderful people are able to have a beautiful meal with top quality service.

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The Wonders of a Smile

So firstly welcome to my first ever blog, I’ll be going through what happens on a daily occurance in our restaurant and bed and breakfast on what we have to do to keep you smiling and happy!

So let’s get into it, a certain staff member cannot understand the importance of smiling, he just cannot process in his head the effect of smiling at a customer and not smiling.

Talk about hard work or what!!

Now it’s pretty simple in life that if you smile and are happy with a person, 7 times out of 10 this will have a positive influence but when you do it as a staff member to customers it makes even more of a impression.

Why oh why oh why can’t he accept he just has got to do it!?

I am not a smiley person in general nature but I am fully aware that when people enter our building they are paying for great food and great service. Smiling is built into this “great service” and I personally believe that without a smile it’s sh*t service, but hey ho that’s my belief and evidently not his.

I’m 100% sure that all of you reading this would agree that if you went anywhere to eat, and had a miserable staff member serving/greeting you then you would automatically be put off the establishment immediently. (That’s presuming you’re not the same as my work colleague and enjoy being miserable to everybody)

When we have such review sites like TripAdvisor,, Google Reviews bad things can spread very quickly so please if you encounter a staff member that is pleasant, polite and willing then let them know they are doing a great job! PLEASE!

A smile is infectious to customers and staff members in my view, it’s goes along way and could even make somebody’s day.

The next person you come across in the hospitality industry, if they give you a smile, return it as this goes along way.

Here’s me hoping that our rogue staff member will go to sleep and turn up to work with a glaring, cheek to cheek massive smile. (I’m willing to accept a grin or anything that doesn’t resemble grumpy)

Well that’s my first ever blog completed on today’s hospitality struggles of trying to keep customers happy.